We know that 1st grade has been awesome for Aaden. We can tell by his attitude, he comes home excited. We can tell by his love for learning, he devours any book he can find and constantly hungers for more. We can tell that he loves first grade because he wants to be in school every day. This has made our year with him so much more pleasant.

Kindergarten was a challenge. He excelled right out of the gate but was placed in a class with a very challenging teacher. She didn’t see excellence, she saw boredom and distraction. Rather than make waves his first year I chose to make a point of being present…EVERY DAY in his classroom. With two small brothers and one on the way this was a huge commitment on my part. But, it paid off and his kindergarten year is merely a reflection in the rearview mirror. We worried at the start of this year that he could get another challenging placement. He got an excellent teacher though, she’s a great fit. We like her so much, I fought hard with the principal for him to stay in her classroom after being told he had to move into a new classroom several weeks into the year. This is all building up today…Spring parent/teacher conferences…

We got report cards in February and weren’t surprised to see how well he was doing. So, going to talk with his teacher was just icing on the cake. Reading — off the charts, math –off the charts (even takes the time to help his fellow students), writing –when he takes the time to write, it’s off the charts. 🙂 But, what made our buttons bust — was hearing about Aaden as a student, friend and peer. His teacher described how his classmates talk about him. I can’t convey the voice she used other than to say it sounded like love. She spoke about the SIX different first grade teachers and how they all look forward to being one-on-one with him. “Oh, Aaden!” It’s one of those things that you hope for your child, but really have to let go of and see how far they fly. We were told his empathy and compassion for his fellow students was remarkable. He’s a true friend and equally great student.

We are on the eve of finding out whether (after hours of testing) he will be placed in a highly capable classroom (at a different school) next year. I have spoken little to him about the possibility. We would love for him to be in a classroom where he was challenged and engaged at his level. But, I honestly worried about whether or not he “fit in” at school this year and thought maybe a different classroom setting might be a better fit. I think God must have prepared my heart today to be okay with either outcome. I am now more convinced that our Aaden will be a shining start where ever he is.



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