The Four {boys}

I want to record what each boy has been up to at this point in time:

Aaden (Aado) is nearly 7.5 and in 1st grade. He has shot up like a rocket with huge feet! He lost two teeth last year that have grown in already, but has FIVE loose, so we anticipate the snaggled look soon. He love his teacher, Mrs. Ihrig. Her classroom has been such a welcome change from his Kindergarten experience. Her laid back, humorous attitude has been refreshing and in return Aaden has flourished. He is off the charts in reading and devours any and all books he can get his hands on to. His current series is the Guardians’ of Ga’hoole a fictional story about owls. He enjoys science, specifically geology and the study of biomes. He’s cruised through 1st grade math and has decided on his own learn multiplication. He is constantly thinking and exploring new ideas. We are always surprised by his questions and thought processes. In his free time he LOVES to play Minecraft and does so for several hours on the weekend. My brother, his uncle has graciously set up a server that they can play on together and each wear a headset to hash out their plans. I never could have imagined that they could have so much fun together. Aaden told me the other day that “uncle Jonner is his best friend, besides Owen of course!” He is my empathetic boy with a heart for others.

Questioning whether or not snowflakes have taste:


Owen (Owee) is 4.5 and in Pre-K with Mrs. Hope this year. He is in a class of all 3 years olds based on where his birthday falls. I laugh daily to see that he towers above all the other kids. He loves school and bounds out the door with stories about what he’s singing and learning. Such a difference than his big brother! We debated on petitioning into Kindergarten next year but have decided not to. While we are sure he could keep up and would love to be a big kid at school next year, keeping him back another year will set him up for better success. He and I have been doing reading & writing lessons regularly. He has really taken off recently and wants to have everything spelled out for him and his writing is improving daily. We are working through some speech issues currently and are hopeful that as they resolve he will make leaps and bounds in this area. He is our early riser, my and permanent shadow. His love tank is constantly in need of affection and attention. He loves his older brother Aaden and spends much of the school day lonesome for his companionship.

He wanted his hair a particular way and practiced his smile:


Jackson (Jacksonian) is 3 months shy from turning 3. About a month and a half ago he decided to make a habit of jumping out of his crib. We tried all sorts of ways to contain him but finally decided to upgrade to a big boy bed. It took several weeks of discipline and tears on both of our parts to get back into a regular sleeping routine. Now, he goes to bed great and sleeps long hours through the night. Naps, are still hard and irregular though. He is such an active child go, go, going that he still needs several hours of sleep during the day. Unfortunately, when he doesn’t nap he lets the whole house know it. If only he could play quietly! 🙂 We have also been working on potty training and while he’s shown interest in sitting on the potty and telling me when he has to go, he has yet to have success. He’s a full year ahead of his older brothers in this department. But, I feel like we are against the clock as he will be starting school in the fall in Mrs. Hope’s class following the year behind Owen. Jackson, loves trains, cars and babies. He hasn’t met or seen a baby that he hasn’t wanted to take for his own. He has such a loving relationship with his own baby, Lincoln. From day one, he has made it known that he is thankful for his own buddy, baby brother! We are struggling with the willpower of Mr. Two, his constant pestering of Owen and finding a consistent discipline technique that works with this one. But, when he’s happy, he’s the sweetest kid and so affectionate.

Quintessential Jackson, he had a black eye when we got him up one morning. We have no idea how it happened in the night and he couldn’t tell us:


Lincoln (Link 0r Linky) or is 10 months and already much more mobile than his three older brothers. He started standard crawling at 8 months (a full 3-6 months ahead of everyone else, yes we have late movers!). He also decided at 10 months to stand up on everything and walk around furniture. He is also our biggest. I am not sure on exact stats at this point but he’s got to be over 24/25lbs, solid! At 10 months he also decided on day to stop nursing completely. He was still nursing 3x per day and 1-2x at night, so this was a drastic change for both of us. We are still recovering from the trauma! Sleep training had to immediately be redone, self soothing and heading to bed without nursing. He’s taking a bottle of pumped milk and has started on whole milk. Subsequently he’s sleeping longer, better hours at night. Naps are still a struggle though, especially with the recent time change. He of course has to be flexible with school pick ups/drop offs so often sleep is cut short. He’s got four teeth and will likely cut more shortly. He’s a great combo of Aaden’s seriousness and Jackson’s craziness. He can be quiet and pensive for a good share of time but get him playing and he’s silly and one of the boys. We are still amazed we had a fourth and are so thankful we did, Mr. Lincoln is just the perfect ending to our family!

Mr. Serious baby, until he’s not:



One thought on “The Four {boys}

  1. Ha! Thanks for sharing Sis. I really enjoyed the read. I love all my nephews in their uniquness. They are all my best friends! I can’t wait for Owen to join us on the minecraft server!


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