Beers, Friends and Families

K: I used to get together with a group of guys I went to college for a celebrated event called “Beers and Friends.” We would meet up at an area pub, have good beer and good food, and catch up with each other.
Now that some of us have had kids, we haven’t celebrated this event for a while. We decided to come up with a new, better event: “Beers, Friends, and Families.” The order of those words isn’t in any important priority. 🙂
Today we had the Gilfillans, Soetaerts, and Visbeeks over to our house for a barbecue to partake in this celebrated event. We had good beer, good food, played boccie ball in the yard, played Wii in the house, and generally had a great time. It was a perfect day to do it weather-wise too.
Before everyone arrived, I was scrambling to get the yard mowed and edged. To my dismay my lawn-mower crapped out! I finished the job using my neighbor’s mower. I was complaining today about my lawn mower and its broken state and one of them said, “You’re an engineer…take it apart and see if you can fix it.” I should let you know my mower is an electric one. All I was able to do was take the mower apart, do an inspection, clean everything up (yes, I hosed off the electronics in the mower), and put it back together. I still don’t know if it works because I’m letting things dry out first. I’ll report back later with mower status.

Check out the pictures below for fun times!

The guys playing boccie ball

The gals loving the sun (Sans Claire, feeding Finn)

Finn and Aaden chatting

Addison Gilfillan and Hannah Soetaert comparing pink shoes

S: “One of my best girlfriends Denee’ was able to join us today too. It was great to see her as it had been nearly two years since we hung out for any period of time, and it was her first time meeting Aaden. We were so glad she could see us before she heads off to Uganda in two weeks. Love you Denee’!!”


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