Weekend Update

Hey All,

We hope everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy the fantastic weather we had! We took advantage of the sunshine by spending a lot of time in the yard.

Sarah also had the opportunity to go and celebrate the Mensonides’ baby boy, Tate set to arrive soon! She took a trip down to some cupcake place in Tacoma with Aaden, Claire Gilfillan, and her son Finn. Sarah told me they had a lot of fun and that Aaden was a real charmer with the ladies. I taught him well!

So what exactly did we do in the yard? Well, I ended up making three trips to Lowe’s. Out of those three trips, I hauled about 2 cubic yards (54 cubic feet) of bark in my wagon…I was surprised I could do this, even though it was spread across the trips.

I also bought myself a new toy: a Porter Cable reciprocating saw (more commonly known as a Sawzall)! It’s pretty excellent. I used it to dominate some dead shrub bushes in the front yard that smelled like wet dog. Let’s just say there isn’t anymore wet dog smell.

We spread the bark around over all of our plant beds in the yard. Sarah took charge of this task with her knack for detail. I mostly just dumped bark in various places and she made sure things looked right afterwards.

We also planted a strawberry garden. Ron Lawson, a friend form work, “donated” some strawberry plants to us. He’s a great guy and I’m sure that he would be pleased with the plants’ new home.

It’s getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow. Check out the pictures below…


Sarah, Aaden, Claire, Finn, and Kristal (Tate)

Strawberry garden

This is where the wet dog shrubs used to be…until I dominated them with Porter Cable. Stupid shrubs.

Nice bark, Sarah.

Enjoying the nice weather!


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