Mother’s Day Weekend – Sunday

The joy of being a Mother is endless. I have been so blessed by being a Mother these past six months. I am so thankful for the daily blessings my son brings me – from the smiles, coos and laughter to the constant changes and developments. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity and have been given many great role models to help me along the way. On this 1st Mother’s Day we had my parents and brother over. (Unfortunately Grandpa Terry was sick and so The Dobelstein family was unable to make it). Regardless, we still had a nice time. The day started with my husband bringing me a gift: a picture frame with rotating pictures of the last six months. Special! Then breakfast in bed! And a pedicure! This afternoon Kristofer made pork tenderloin, fruit salad and spinach salad for a mid-day meal. Great food and family how much better can it get!?

My pedicure!

Video games on Mother’s Day!?

A gorgeous fruit salad!

A Mother’s Day spread!

My son and I!

The kids with Mama/Gramma

Sitting up like a big boy!

The grandparents!


The Mother’s Day Dance!!!


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