An Ode – May 7

May 7th is my brother Jonathan’s 24th birthday. My brother has been an amazing blessing in our lives, especially the last few months. He has selflessly given his time three days a week to care for Aaden. He is such a kind and generous man, always has been. I am thankful for his thoughtfulness, charisma and quick wit. I am most thankful though, that I can rest easy when I leave for work every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday –that my son is in the caring and loving hands of his manny “Unkie Jonner”. Thanks Buddy, here’s to you today!

A picture from Jonner and Aaden’s first whole day together back in February.

A second ode today to my lovely grandmother Joan who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Today she is having the cancerous lump in her breast removed. Please pray for her, my grandfather, my mother and the Dr’s. as they help her through this process. Please also pray that they are able to remove the entire lump and place a balloon/shunt where localized radiation can be distributed for the week following. She’s a beautiful women of God and has always shown immense love for her family. I love you Grandma!

Here she is meeting Aaden for the first time back in December.


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