Happy 6 Months!!

We can hardly believe that Aaden is already 6 months. He has been such a joy to watch grow and develop to this point. Some highlights: rolling over (mostly from back to tummy), beginning to eat solid food (rice cereal, bananas, green beans), eat his toes, suck his thumb, copies sounds like “oh” or “ba” to name a few. He’s also recently become fascinated by Emma our dog. While Emma remains indifferent to him, Aaden loves when Emma passes by or flips her long tail hair across his face…makes him laugh. He’s been sleeping 12-13 hours at night and is happy to go to bed, which is so nice! He remains a very happy and content little boy. His Daddy and I are so thankful for him and can’t imagine life before him. Enjoy some pictures from his 6 month day!

His first experience with grass, not so sure – closely followed by grabbing it between his fingers and toes!

Then lounging casually in it…

…and a kissy fest from Mama!

Tonight’s dinner included green beans for the first time…not bad!


2 thoughts on “Happy 6 Months!!

  1. I love the “kissy fest” picture! Hope he was better today. It was so cold here–was it warmer at your house–in the grass? Looks like he enjoyed the green beans–my kids always did>


  2. Such beautiful pictures of Aaden and with Mama. I love his inquisitive nature and his willingness to try new things. Can you send the one where he is staring out at the camera as an attachment?


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